Pedal Powered Music

Turtle Vision has been investigating the possibilities of using human power, through pedals, to generate the electricity for live music performance. It happens, although it is rare in the overall picture of live music performance. It appears there are few who are willing to take on the higher level of complexity that comes with producing the power, to produce the show. However, when the audience is engaged for the purpose of peddling the bicycles to power the sound system, they express a high level of excitement in being part of the show.

Turtlevisionary Thomas Spellman has been designing, building, and using pedal power systems for music shows, in association with many different groups, in the US and Europe for several years. Thomas is the guitar player riding the power generating bike in the video above. He has ridden the distance, maintained the power system, and played lead guitar on the pedal powered stages. The inspiration we find in Thomas's accomplishments with pedal powered music, leads us to focus Turtle Vision in the Magnificent direction of growing that human powered expression. So if you are a musician, tune your guitar, and pedal on!